Filtering Emergency Mask for Fire防煙面具
The Senje TZL 30 is an atmospheric, air-purifying negative pressure,
filtration device with a flame-resistant hood. 

This product was made for escaping in the fire disaster, according to National Public Security Standard GB21976.7-2012 and pass the type test by China National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision Center.
The product provides respiratory, head and eye protection to facilitate evacuation from the harm of toxic smoke and fog, carbon monoxide and hot gas flow, heat radiation and sparks etc. This Mask effectively protects the wearer for a minimum of 30 minutes from smoke and toxic gases.

The effective period change depending on the environment.
Senje TZL 30
火警死亡中,80%以上是因為煙氣中毒受傷  或濃煙窒息後燒死。
消防過濾式防煙面具,可在發生火警時配戴,免受熱氣流, 熱輻射、一氧化碳、有毒害氣體、煙霧和火星 等傷害
產品根據國家公共安全行業標準: China standards GB21976.7-2012 的規定生產
僅供一次性使用,不可重複 ; 使用保存期 - 3年
Made in China
Main Technical Performance:
Item 項目 Concentration Data
Anti - Carbon Monoxide (CO) 防 一氧化碳 0.25% >30 min
Gas-leaking ratio % 漏氣系數 % ≤ 5
Penetration ratio of oily fog 油霧透過系數 % ≤ 5
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